Question. I’ve been to a bridal show so what’s the difference in Venue Visits?

Answer. At a typical bridal show, venues are there with photo boards to help an engaged couple imagine the space. Venue Visits offers an immersive experience by bringing the couples to the venues. Venue Visits supports the venues and the couple! The venues are able to showcase their event space and potential couples are able to visit multiple venues in a day, saving time and effort!

Question. What are your COVID procedures for this event?

Answer. Participants receive a mask and individual hand sanitizer at registration. This event is limited to 20 passengers per bus (50% capacity). At each stop, the motorcoach is sanitized before re-boarding. Each vendor will maintain COVID protocols. Masks are required during the event and while onboard the bus.

Question. I want to book my venue now before Venue Visits. Why wait?

Answer. Great! Go for it! There are other advantages to participating in Venue Visits. This experience provides the opportunity to visit the venues while decorated for inspiration. PLUS, there are vendors of all types onsite at each location offering exclusive discounts and ready to talk with you about your special event.

Question. I've never considered any of the venues on the tour. Why should I participate?

Answer: That's an easy question! The vendors and the venues! Even if you have not considered any of the venues, you will be surprised what happens when you enter a space. Plus, the decor and room setup provide inspiration. Even if you already have a venue or know what you like, Venue Visits has an array of vendors ready to help you create your special moment. In the travel industry, we say, "Enjoy the journey" and the same is true for Venue Visits. Bring a friend and enjoy planning!  

What types of vendors are participating in Venue Visits?

Answer. Florists, DJs, cake designers, wedding planners, caterers, bridal shops, hotels, and more! C&S Tours is also able to discuss bachelor/bachelorette party ideas and honeymoon options.

Question. I would like to bring more than one guest.

Answer. That’s great! Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, we are limiting the number of participants in order to provide more brides-to-be with the opportunity to participate.

Question. How to reserve my seat?

Answer. Click here to book. Please note space is limited so we recommend booking early.

Question. I am working with a wedding planner. Can he/she attend, too?

Answer. Yes! Wedding/Event planners can participate free of charge with his/her couple. During booking, you will be asked to enter the name of your wedding planner and they will be added to the list. (The wedding planner does not count as your guest. You are still allowed to bring one guest and your planner.)

Question. Where do we meet for the tour and what time should I arrive?

Answer. Participants will be at the first venue on the day of the tour. Parking will be available. After viewing this venue, guests will board the motorcoach and visit the other venues on the tour. All guests will be returned to the first venue for departure. Registration time will begin approximately 30-45 minutes prior to the start of the tour. All guests are encouraged to be on time. Further details will be provided by email several days prior to the event. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Photos courtesy of Heather Proctor Photography